The Electric Ceramophone is a tuned percussion instrument, which I designed and made using ceramic pots as bells. The project began in 2011, and has evolved slowly to meet different needs. The Ceramophone utilises a full western scale of 13 notes; F-F. It has been all over Ireland at different events in recent years.

Debut performance with Ceramophone at Monstertruck Gallery, Temple Bar.


Making the Electric Ceramophone

After putting together a couple of prototypes, I made a visit to ceramics producer, Kiltrea Bridge in Enniscorthy – to search for pots that corresponded closely to standard notes. The final set of pots were selected from thousands, which were then assembled into a timber frame.. The pots were generously donated by Kiltrea Bridge.


Housing and Electrifying…

Phase two involved casing the Ceramophone and electrifying it. Each pot has its own sound sensor, and built-in processors (hacked pedals) allow the pitch of the notes to be shifted up and down – so that it can become a bass and treble instrument with 5 octaves. Pitch is then triggered by a separate foot pedal. When you hear the Ceramophone you are hearing a mixture of the acoustic sound and the processed sound.

A Traveling Instrument…

The Electric Ceramophone has played to audiences in different parts of Ireland at various events since it has been cased and electrified.. Please get in touch via the contact page if you are interested in the Ceramophone or would like to book a gig or workshop.


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