New Album

Today my 4th album “13351” is out! Happy to send it out into the world, as it has been a quite delayed release.

There is a limited edition of CDs and Tapes in handmade riso-printed sleeves; which are available here. Or you can get one at one of the 2 album release concerts this month.

I am very grateful to friends who helped me to make this album, in particular José Miguel Puigserver who helped with recording and production in his studio in Palma de Mallorca, and who also played on over half of the songs; to Niall Fallon who gave so much help with the audio, from mixing tips to mastering the finished tracks; to Aidan Floatinghome for his clarinet contribution, and for generous help with making tapes; to Katharina Hamann for her conceiving and making an amazing video for Decisioning; to Brian Flynn for being a sounding box for ideas during the recording. There are also many others to thank that I haven’t mentioned.

Looking forward to playing in Dublin this week (Unit44, Saturday 6.3.24) and in Berlin on Sunday 24.3.24.

You can listen at Spotify here

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