New Song and Video, The Shell

On 3rd of December for the first time ever I will release a single – The Shell. This song was recorded in Palma last year before the onset of the pandemic, and is part of an album that is mastered and ready to be released, early in the new year. The accompanying video was shot during the freezing last winter on Berlin’s frozen lakes.

Here is a microteaser of what’s to come:

Recording… Palma+Berlin

Recording began early this year in sunny Palma for a new album / set of songs, that were written on an old flea-market guitar and a keyboard over several Berlin winters. With the help of El Prehom Indefinit and his Palam studio in Palma, the bones of 7 tracks were put down. Sounds happened, accidents became positive interventions, many artichokes were eaten, the project has been slowed down by the current situation – however looking forward to being able to finish it soon and share something! Stay tuned

Album Launch Gigs: Dublin and Kilkenny

Excited to be playing with newly formed band “The National Sympathy Orchestra”, a collection of fine musicians. We will be playing in Dublin’s Bellobar, Red Door Theatre, Thomastown and at our beloved Fennelly’s in Callan. Come, hear us play and get your vinyl copy of new album Water House!