Tomorrownow (formerly Beyond Two Thousand) is a collaboration with the artist Young Boss. We like to make music and videos, using whatever technology we can find. In 2018 our debut album, Reverse Engineering was released on CD, Cassette, Minidisc and Digital. We produced a full-length HD video accompaniment to the album, which was screened at Gelegenheiten in Berlin in 2018. Some still frames from Reverse Engineering:

Tomorrownow’s music video, Skahoof, was exhibited at the New Living Art Exhibition at the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, 2010.

In March 2019 we released our single, Brexitopia, which uses algorithmically guided lyrics. Lyrics were generated by auto-suggested words, to do with Brexit media campaigns.

Listen to Tomorrownow here:




Cassette available from Magnetic State Records