Electric Ceramophone

The Electric Ceramophone is an ongoing project. It began in 2011, it has been evolving slowly due to its needs. The Ceramophone utilises a full western scale of 13 notes; F-F. It has been all over Ireland at different events in recent years..


Debut performance with Ceramophone at Monstertruck Gallery, Temple Bar. (Filmed by Robert Manson):

Making the Electric Ceramophone

After putting together a couple of prototypes, I made a visit to ceramics factory, Kiltrea Bridge in Enniscorthy – to search for pots corresponding to real notes. The final set of pots were selected from thousands, which were then assembled into a timber frame.


  factory   DSC00228   DSC00459   DSC01503

Housing and Electrifying…

Phase two involved casing the Ceramophone and electrifying it. Each pot has its own sound sensor, and built-in processors (hacked pedals) allow the pitch of the notes to be shifted up and down – so that it can become a bass and treble instrument with 5 octaves. Pitch is then triggered by a separate foot pedal. When you hear the Ceramophone you are hearing a mixture of the acoustic sound and the processed sound.

DSC01422   DSC01427   IMG_9125   DSC01435